Transitions: One Step At A Time

This month’s focus is inspired by LIFE, both prevailing and impending.  I used the term “unprecedented time” a few months ago when describing the beginning of the pandemic and the new challenges we were facing. That term has now taken on a whole new meaning just a few months later with the continued state of the pandemic and all the political and social unrest occurring in our country. One could argue that life is one big transition, but I think it’s a little extra right now. The continual changes and uncertainty can be overwhelming, but if we focus on learning how to transition, we will build better focus and concentration which will allow us to FLO from one ever changing moment to the next with greater ease.

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The "F"s of Pilates - Feet & Fingers

References to the use of hand and foot therapy have been depicted in ancient civilizations throughout history including among early Egyptians, and Chinese.

Modern Reflexology also known as Zone Therapy believes that every part of the body is reflected in over 7000 reflexes or points on our hands and feet and that the body can be divided longitudinally and horizontally.

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Pelvic Health

The muscles of our pelvic floor play a BIG role in our daily life; from breathing, to movement, holding your organs in your body, going to the bathroom, having sex, having babies, and recovery.

Pretty important things I would say! But honestly, how often do we think about these muscles? It would be amazing if they were like the involuntary muscles of your heart that just work without you thinking about them, but they are not! They are voluntary muscles, which means we must think about them to use them and we must condition them to keep them functioning properly.  

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Finding Balance

I am continuously drawn to how everything is connected; in life, in Pilates… everywhere! At the beginning of 2020, I outlined the monthly themes for the year. Some of them automatically had their place, like March MATness and 25 Days of Pilates. For others, I chose them based on different factors such as the season, the placement of the sun, the time of year, etc. Ironically, I chose BALANCE for April. Coincidence?

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Practice, Patience, & Persistence

Joseph Pilates believed that “Practice and persistence are vital qualities in the ultimate successful accomplishment of any worthwhile endeavor.” Often referred to as the 3 P’s of Pilates; Practice, Patience and Persistence are thought to be the three essential elements for creating change.

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How Centered Are You? Tips To Center Your Mind, Body, & Spirit

In the spirit of “the beginning”, we thought it would be appropriate to begin the new year with Centering Body, Mind, and Spirit. Centering is the first of the six Pilates principles and it is the focus point of the Pilates method. Similarly, January is the beginning of a new year, and this year, a new decade! January is often a time of self-reflection and setting new goals and intentions. So, while we are all focusing to work from our center physically, let us also go inward to our “core” to discover where we want life to take us in the new year.

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Who Flo'd The Most?

Each year we hold a competition challenging clients who can take the most classes in a month. This year, Vivian Reznik took home the grand prize with 39 classes in February! We asked Vivian to share a few thoughts about Studio Flo Pilates... sniff, sniff, gulp.

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SFP: A Love Letter

There are special places in the world.

I found Studio Flo Pilates by accident.  And I suppose I would have found it eventually anyway, but the timing would have been different.  The real story is more magical. And the journey, though brief, has been extraordinary.

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Meet Jenny Kim, New SFP Teacher

Hi SFP friends and family!

I just wanted to start this blog with a brief introduction of myself, as I’ll probably see most of you in the studio! I recently completed and passed my Pilates teacher training through Lolita’s Legacy Program under the training/mentorship of Jennie and Brittany.  I may be new to teaching, but my love of Pilates started long ago.

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