Mat Classes

Joe's Mat

Explore the 34 exercises created by Joseph Pilates. Mr. Pilates created the apparatus so that we could prepare our bodies to be successful on the Mat. We always say the Mat is the end all be all of the method! Intermediate/advanced level.

Foam Roller Mat Class

Held on Friday mornings, the Foam Roller class is intended as a release from the wear and tear of the week. Rolling helps your Pilates practice by unlocking sticky joints and muscles, freeing the body for a wider range of motion with less effort. This class can also incorporate tennis and lacrosse balls.

Spine Corrector - All Levels

The Spine Corrector is a modification on one of several small barrels invented by Joseph Pilates. Because of the shape of the barrel, the spine is allowed a wider range of motion and more support. Spine Corrector classes challenge balance, range of motion/strength, endurance, and complacency.

Reformer Classes

Reformer 101

Obviously, a great place to start your Pilates journey, but also a place to grow your practice. 101 classes function more like mini workshops, intense focus on form and exercise quality. Exercises in the intermediate and advanced Pilates repertoire build off of the beginner exercises. In order to succeed and stay safe in more advanced classes, a solid foundation must be built. These classes are slower paced, but challenging, and cover the exercises in the beginner Reformer series as well as the a look toward future progressions. Exercises include: Footwork, 100, Short Box Series, Elephant, Knee Stretches, etc.

Bridge to Intermediate Reformer

Bridge to Intermediate Reformer is for students already familiar and proficient with the beginner exercises in the classical reformer series.  The beginning of this class will flow through the order with minimal set up cues.  The end of the class will be an opportunity to workshop exercises from the intermediate series to gain familiarity and confidence.

Intermediate Reformer*

The next progression in the reformer system, Intermediate Reformer is for students already proficient with the classical reformer apparatus and order. Students are expected to know the order, name, set up, and choreography of all Reformer 101 exercises. Some intermediate exercises include Breaststroke, Teaser on the Long Box, Horseback, Short Spine Massage/Stretch into Semi-Circle, and Long Spine Massage/Stretch. Intermediate reformer classes move more swiftly and we don’t want students to feel lost or unsafe. If you are unfamiliar with the classical reformer series or the above mentioned exercises, please continue with 101 classes until you feel more comfortable or have been invited to move on.

*Please be aware all participants should be very familiar with the Order, including the entire Rowing, Long Box, Long Stretch and Short Box Series. 

Bridge to Advanced Reformer

Bridge to Advanced Reformer is for students who feel ready to join the Advanced Reformer class, but are nervous about the advanced exercises.  The beginning of this class will flow through the intermediate order with minimal set up cues.  The end of class will be an opportunity to workshop exercises from the advanced series to gain familiarity and confidence.

Advanced Reformer

Advanced Reformer classes are swiftly moving classes based around the classical reformer order as taught by Joseph Pilates. This is a chance to focus on deeper technique to truly advance your Pilates practice to a higher level. Because of this, order and set up cues are rarely given. Students are expected to know the order, name, set up, and choreography of all exercises and move through the series without prompting. This allows teachers to offer advanced technical cuing. Advanced Reformer classes at SFP require approved proficiency in the following exercises: Snake, Twist, Headstand 1, Headstand 2, Back Bend, High Bridge, Long Spine Stretch/Massage, Star, and Russian Splits. To learn these exercises, and receive approval for this class, please attend the Advanced Reformer Workshop or schedule a private lesson. Prerequisite: Must have taken the advanced reformer clinic to participate in advanced class.

Tower Classes

Tower 101

The Tower is an adaptation of the Pilates Cadillac. This apparatus consists of a stationary, elevated mat and a “tower” of springs and bars. Tower 101 is for students who are unfamiliar with the tower exercises, new to Pilates, injured, or looking to find deeper understanding of their Pilates practice. A slower paced class where questions are welcome.

Intermediate Tower 

These classes are for those familiar with the names, and set up of the Tower components, including arm springs, leg springs, roll down bar, and push through bar sprung from above and below. Intermediate Tower classes move more swiftly than Tower 101 classes and offer fewer set up cues. Some intermediate exercises include Parakeet, Airplane, Spread Eagle, and Reverse Push Through.

Advanced Tower 

A faster paced class meant for clients looking to refine their skills and take their practice to the next level. This class will test your endurance, stability, and stamina while diving into the advanced repertoire created by Joseph Pilates.

Pregnancy Classes


Tailored specifically for pregnancy, this class focuses on safe use of the abdominal muscles, and staying strong as the body changes.  Learn important modifications to exercises and fitness goals from a highly qualified instructor.  A must for all active (and inactive) mamas.

Baby-Wearing Postpartum

Pregnancy creates massive changes in the body. Upon returning to exercise, most doctors advise "starting slowly." But what does that mean? It's important to build your strength back properly. Jumping back in before you've rebuilt the supporting musculature can lead to injury and a much longer recovery. Let our well-trained postpartum specialists guide you through the complicated rebuilding process. You are welcome to bring your non-crawling babies and wear them during class, but be sure to have your doctor's approval.

Pilates Circuit Classes

This class will utilize the Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel, Cadillac, Ped-A-Pul, and foot correctors. Participants must be versed in ALL pieces of equipment and at an ADVANCED level. 

Wunda Chair Classes

Chair 101/Intermediate

“You can’t cheat The Chair!” While other pieces provide support and feedback, the Wunda Chair offers very little in the way of “help”. Wunda Chair classes challenge balance, stability, organization, and courage. Understanding an exercise on the Wunda Chair will help you understand and perform related exercises elsewhere. If you are new to the Wunda Chair, we suggest you start with several 101 classes before moving on to Intermediate.

Barre Classes

Flo Barre - All Levels

A small step away from the classical Pilates repertoire, Flo Barre offers a quick paced play on the Pilates mat, ballet barre, and traditional strength training. This class focuses on the skills of standing, balancing, and endurance. In this class you will use light weights, small balls, magic circles, and the ballet barre.

Adult Ballet - All Levels

Experience all the best this beautiful art form has to offer including flexibility, strengthening, sculpting, stretching, balance and grace. This class is designed for adult students who either have no formal Ballet training or who have studied Ballet in the past and wish to resume training. Emphasis in class will be on correct placement, body alignment, stretching, and musicality. Class includes barre and center work with simple choreography in a fun, relaxed, and encouraging environment. Ballet shoes recommended.