Mat Classes

Slow Strength

Slow strength classes are highly efficient workouts that guide you mindfully and safely through super slow repetitions of whole-body, deeply strengthening exercises.  These classes:

  • were developed for women with osteoporosis - to build stronger bones and keep your joints safe
  • build strength, power and muscle tone
  • improve metabolism so you can exercise less and burn more fat - even while you sleep
  • increase cardiovascular health

Reformer Classes

Reformer 101

Obviously, a great place to start your Pilates journey, but also a place to grow your practice. 101 classes function more like mini workshops, intense focus on form and exercise quality. Exercises in the intermediate and advanced Pilates repertoire build off of the beginner exercises. In order to succeed and stay safe in more advanced classes, a solid foundation must be built. These classes are slower paced, but challenging, and cover the exercises in the beginner Reformer series as well as the a look toward future progressions. Exercises include: Footwork, 100, Short Box Series, Elephant, Knee Stretches, etc.


The next progression in the reformer system, Reformer is for students already proficient with the classical reformer apparatus and order. Students are expected to know the order, name, set up, and choreography of all Reformer 101 exercises. Some intermediate exercises include Breaststroke, Teaser on the Long Box, Horseback, Short Spine Massage/Stretch into Semi-Circle, and Long Spine Massage/Stretch. Intermediate reformer classes move more swiftly and we don’t want students to feel lost or unsafe. If you are unfamiliar with the classical reformer series or the above mentioned exercises, please continue with 101 classes until you feel more comfortable or have been invited to move on. 

Intermediate Reformer*

Intermediate Reformer classes are swiftly moving classes based around the classical reformer order as taught by Joseph Pilates. This is a chance to focus on deeper technique to truly advance your Pilates practice to a higher level. Because of this, order and set up cues are rarely given. Students are expected to know the order, name, set up, and choreography of all exercises and move through the series without prompting. This allows teachers to offer advanced technical cuing. Advanced Reformer classes at SFP require approved proficiency in the following exercises: Snake, Twist, Headstand 1, Headstand 2, Back Bend, High Bridge, Long Spine Stretch/Massage, Star, and Russian Splits. 

*Please be aware all participants should be very familiar with the Order, including the entire Rowing, Long Box, Long Stretch and Short Box Series.

Tower Classes


The Tower is an adaptation of the Pilates Cadillac. This apparatus consists of a stationary, elevated mat and a “tower” of springs and bars. Tower 101 is for students who are unfamiliar with the tower exercises, new to Pilates, injured, or looking to find deeper understanding of their Pilates practice. A slower paced class where questions are welcome.

Wunda Chair Classes

“You can’t cheat The Chair!” While other pieces provide support and feedback, the Wunda Chair offers very little in the way of “help”. Wunda Chair classes challenge balance, stability, organization, and courage. Understanding an exercise on the Wunda Chair will help you understand and perform related exercises elsewhere.