Who Flo'd The Most?

Each year we hold a competition challenging clients who can take the most classes in a month. This year, Vivian Reznik took home the grand prize with 39 classes in February! We asked Vivian to share a few thoughts about Studio Flo Pilates... sniff, sniff, gulp.

vivian reznik4

It started as a plan for retirement and a gift from a thoughtful daughter. Then, a promise [thanks Lynette] to regain an inch or two in height.  There were classes taught by a group of young women devoted to their craft, well trained, trustworthy and kind.  

How fun it is to watch them teach, move, and laugh. All the teachers have unique styles - the graceful dancer’s moves, the scientist’s precise language and demonstrations, the quiet perfectionist, the infectious joyful optimist that motivates us to try and get better, and finally, the gifted entrepreneur and master teacher who challenges us to be as good as she knows we can be. Each class promises new moves that stretch and tone our bodies without worrying about going too fast or too far. The students in the studio span the spectrum of ages, backgrounds and points of view but all participate in improving their health while listening to and advising each other about life’s daily challenges. 

I’m not quite retired yet, not much taller [although we can still hope], can’t snake or parakeet but no matter how difficult the day, thinking of the studio, teachers and students always brings a smile to my face exceeded only by thoughts of my grandchildren. 

- Vivian

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