What's So Special About Those Gratz Reformers?

Have you seen our new equipment at the studio? These special Reformers are Gratz Reformers—built from the specific measurements and materials that Joseph Pilates built his very own equipment from.

Gratz ReformerYou’ll notice some differences with the Gratz Reformer in comparison to our Balanced Body Reformers in the group equipment room. You will see that the springs are NOT color coded andthere are 4 springs instead of 5. The non-color coded springs are all the same resistance so your instructor will cue you on the number of springs per exercises rather than the number and color(s). The moving carriage is the most unique thing about this piece of equipment. The difference in the FEEL of one brand to the other is a result of the nature of the springs and how your carriage returns to the stopper. You will see that when the springs are at rest, the carriage is not fully connected to the stopper. This gives the student the extra challenge of physically pulling the carriage into the stopper. This means more work for the Pilates student to move the equipment back into place during an exercise. It also means no more banging the carriage! Try Elephant on the Gratz reformer and really feel the pull of the belly to bring not only your legs underneath you but also the carriage fully into the stopper. As a student, we’d love for you to take this feeling and apply it to the other brands of equipment and see if you feel a difference in your Pilates practice.

Some other things you may notice are the smaller frame of the Reformer specifically the size of the carriage. Metal handles are used for exercises like The Hundred and the Rowing Series. Your transition to feet in the leather straps is so easy and simple! Just loop the leather straps through the handles and slip your feet right in. No need to change out the straps completely. This allows for smooth and quick transitions. Leather straps replace the ropes and the risers do not exist. This allows a very unique pull or torque provided from the use of the straps. You’ll notice that the pulley is closer to your body on some exercises and farther away on others. The Sitting Box is also lighter! 

If you want to try a session on the Gratz Reformer, contact us. We love sharing the benefits of ALL the pieces of the equipment and discussing how each piece can apply to the others and to your entire Pilates journey.

Brittany Taylor, PMA®-CPT
Second Generation Pilates Teacher and Lolita San Miguel Pilates Master™

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