SFP: A Love Letter

There are special places in the world.

I found Studio Flo Pilates by accident.  And I suppose I would have found it eventually anyway, but the timing would have been different.  The real story is more magical. And the journey, though brief, has been extraordinary.

In my time here, I have seen some extraordinary things.  The staff has grown from 2 to 9. Eight people have gone from trainee to teacher.  I’ve seen clients go from “I can’t” to “OMG. I just did.” Strangers turned into classmates turned into friends.  And a family formed. With the help of our family, we moved into our dream space, and sometimes I worry, we’ve nearly outgrown it.  team-studio-flo

There are special places in the world. If you’ve only ever known life at Studio Flo Pilates, you may not realize that most studios are not like this.  

SFP teachers are the best at what they do, not because of how they were trained, but because of who they are.  You may only see the confident teacher at the front of your class, but SFP teachers are humble and curious. Outside of class, they are always learning.  Always asking questions. Always wanting to be better. Working in an atmosphere like that has a huge effect. These teachers are a team. Their enthusiasm is infectious.  They give it to each other. If one grows, they all grow. I’ve never had the privilege of working with a team that was so supportive of each other. And I will miss them dearly.

And then, of course, there is the community.  SFP clients are like no other clients in the world.  Here is a group of people, hungry for knowledge. They come for more than just the sweating, they come to learn.  (...and sweat. You can sweat and still learn.) I’ve watched friendships grow among clients whose lives would never have otherwise intersected.  And when one of our own struggles, this community comes together like nothing I’ve ever seen.

There are special places in the world.  When we find them, we gravitate toward them.  And when we leave them, we take them with us in our hearts, wherever we go.

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