Replacing Pain Pills With Pilates

Unsolicited and honest, we wanted to share Nadia Brouillette's Yelp review of Studio Flo Pilates. 

nadia brouillette

No joke, this studio has CHANGED MY LIFE!  I was a helicopter pilot in the Navy for 10 years. Just 9 months ago I was medically discharged in part for my lower back, which I reinjured frequently and caused me constant pain, especially when sitting (aka flying). I've tried everything since 2011 to get better but have slowly been getting worse. I take continuous pain medications (NSAIDS and muscle relaxers) and I do pain management treatments every 6 months to burn the nerve endings in my spine which give me some relief.

I've been practicing 2-3 times per week at Studio Flo for a total of just 10 weeks, and folks...I just cancelled my next pain management treatment, because I DON'T NEED IT!! I stopped taking the medications 3 weeks ago! I started running again (it's been 2 years), light lifting (I used to Crossfit) and biking...all things I have been unable to do, until now.

The best part, I leave every class with a smile. The instructors are educated, experienced and fun! Now I've only tried one other chain Pilates studio in the past, but I can say this one is special. This community is a family. The class sizes are small and intimate, which enables time for a lot of individual corrections and encouragement. I want to highlight...these "corrections" are not just verbal or visual like most studios, these instructors provide excellent physical cues.

As you can see, I'm obsessed. Obsessed with something makes my life better both mentally and physically.

- Nadia

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