Continuing Education for Pilates Teachers

Studio Flo Pilates Education Center offers a variety of opportunities to continue your education as a Pilates teacher. From observations and classes to workshops and mentor programs, we have everything you need to continue to grow as an instructor.


Observing other teachers is one of the simplest ways to get inspired. Improve your teaching skills by observing our master teachers here at Studio Flo Pilates.

Private/Semi-Private Lessons

When teaching the Pilates Method, it’s important to understand the exercises and cues in your own body through your personal practice. Here at Studio Flo Pilates, we love to teach teachers!

Group Classes for Pilates Teachers

We offer regular classes for Pilates teachers. Our Teacher Classes cover a variety of topics and themes as well as a diverse use of equipment.

Teaching Feedback

After the completion of a teacher-training program, few teachers have the opportunity to receive feedback about their own teaching. We offer feedback sessions. Each 2-hour session involves observation of a 1-hour lesson with a client or class provided by the teacher, and 1 hour of 1:1 feedback with our master teachers. This 1-hour discussion will guide you toward becoming a truly effective teacher.

Mentor Program

Studio Flo Pilates offers specialized mentor programs. Once you’ve identified the master teacher with whom you’d like to work, we will create a program to suit you. Mentor programs include observation hours, private lessons, group classes, feedback sessions, and workshops. Please contact SFP to learn more about our personalized mentor programs and the teachers who offer them.


Teachers who have already successfully completed a teacher-training program may wish to continue their education through abbreviated teacher training programs. Bridging students will attend lectures and workshops alongside new teacher trainees, but will be required to complete a fewer number of observational and practice teaching hours. Bridging programs are offered to teachers who have completed both partial and comprehensive teacher-training programs. Please contact SFP to learn more.

Exercise Clinics

Delve deeper into the exercises of the classical repertoire. We will look at one exercise per 60-90 minute clinic, explore choreographic variations, discuss modifications, and see each exercise on many different pieces of equipment.


Studio Flo Pilates Education Center offers regular continuing education workshops on a vast variety of topics. Please check our calendar regularly for our schedule of workshops or sign up for our teacher newsletter, specifically for Pilates Teachers and other fitness professionals.