Mentorship Goes Beyond the Basics

Maybe you have seen Carolina Rorato observing or taking class for the past few months. She is visiting from Brazil and has been taking part in Jennie’s mentorship program. Carolina will be heading back to Brazil soon and we will miss her eagerness to learn, and her kind smile.


What brought you to San Diego and Studio Flo Pilates?

I first visited San Diego in 2013 and I fell in love with the city immediately. My husband, Eduardo, needed to come to the United States to practice his English for several months, so naturally we chose San Diego. 

When I was looking for a Pilates studio in San Diego, Studio Flo Pilates was highly recommended by other teachers while attending the Pilates Method Alliance conference. 

What kind of training did you have in Brazil?

I’ve been a physical therapist and Pilates teacher for eight years. I mostly work with clients post-surgery and for rehabilitation.

What have you learned during your mentorship with Jennie and Studio Flo Pilates?

Besides the basics of Classical Pilates, the most important thing I’ve learned is the concept of moving. I’ve witnessed that movement helps all bodies, shapes, and all ages.  In Brazil, I’ve always been so cautious and not letting clients move too much. Now, I realize movement is vital to the recovery process and to stay healthy. 

What's your favorite Pilates apparatus?

I love working on the Cadillac, especially movements using the trapeze bars.

What are you plans when you return to Brazil?

I plan to open my very own Pilates studio where clients can move! In fact, if anyone ever visits Sao Paulo, come see me! My website is

Do you plan on coming back to San Diego and SFP to visit?

I have no current plans to come back because I’ll be too busy with my own studio. However, I will miss San Diego and SFP dearly.

Any more thoughts?

I love the culture of the American people and it warms my heart to see how you take care of each other. From wiping down each other’s equipment to showering clients with love and gifts during tough times, there is so much comradery at the studio. It’s like one big family!

Studio Flo Pilates has inspired me to build a community that has a passion for Pilates and cares for one another. Thank you!

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