Farewell to 2017!

It has been another wonderful year at Studio Flo Pilates. This has been the year of the baby boy, with three of our instructors giving birth this summer to Nels, Hugo and Connor. We had a busy workshop schedule, added new classes, hosted two special guest presenters, and moved into our new home!

Every year it seems that our community expands and develops deeper bonds. Our instructors continue to work on their education and skills in order to constantly challenge and progress our clients in new ways. We started a new Lolita's Legacy Pilates Certification Group in January and they are about to take their final test in early 2018. SFP has truly become the center for Pilates education in San Diego. 2017 was a year of tremendous growth and memories.

Can you remember what you took away from each of these clinics of 2017?

Timing your Teaser with Jennie
C-Curl Clinic with Lanette
March MATness Marathon Class
Mother/Daughter Partner Pilates with Jennie
Optimizing your Athleticism with Trish
Pilates on the Go with Jenn
Where's my Butt? with Laetitia
Advanced Reformer Clinic with Jennie
Rollover Clinic with Lanette

What would you like to learn about in 2018?

We were so lucky to host Andrea Maida for two master mat classes and one teacher workshop- On the Order of the Pilates Reformer Exercises. We talked about the 2-way stretch and how to find it in all the exercises.

Blossom Leilani Crawford came to us in August and spent a whole weekend teaching classes and workshops. She had us all laughing and imagining and eating tacos of course!

Our own Director of Education, Lanette Weninger, hosted 2 half-day workshops for teachers on flexion and extension of the spine and using your voice. She also taught a 4-day course on pregnancy, prenatal, and postpartum fitness. She has started First Fridays, our monthly teacher classes for instructors all around San Diego. Lanette is a huge support for our instructors and clientele.

We moved into the new SFP on June 10 and celebrated with a grand opening party in early July. We ate tacos, took classes, and spent quality time together. Our new space is unbelievably beautiful and we are so proud to share our Pilates home with all of you!

Thank you to all who work so hard with us here and continue to share your passion for the method with us. We have so much to look forward to in 2018 at SFP. Next time you are at the studio, please share your 2018 goals and workshop suggestions with us. Happy Holidays!


Team Flo

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