A New Life Chapter

A little under 3 months ago my life changed for the better. I started Pilates at Studio Flo. I was BEYOND nervous. I am a heavier woman and I had myself convinced that Pilates was only for thin, athletic woman and men. There was no way that someone that is my size would be able to keep up in a class, let alone get any benefit from this type of fitness until I lost a LOT of weight.

This idea was quickly erased from my thoughts! In my first class, I was warmly welcomed by the owner, Jennie (who also was the instructor for my first class), and by all the other students in her class. Once class started, I didn’t have time to think about being nervous any more. I only had time to think about each task and movement. Throughout the class, Jennie kept track of everyone. She made sure we were mindful of our positions and made sure we were pushing ourselves as much as we could. And this has been the case with every class I have taken since. I go three times a week and have the pleasure of being instructed by Jennie on Monday’s and Laetitia on Wednesday’s and Friday’s. They are amazing. They are my cheerleaders. After each week, I am amazed at how much I have grown in my core strength. I walk stronger. I sit taller. I ache less at the end of the day. I don’t get headaches like I did before on a daily basis. I feel more alive. Each week I accomplish things I never thought I would have been able to when I first started back in July. I leave class, each time, proud of myself. I am proud of never giving up and for pushing my body to give a little more each time. The motivation to make it to class each day comes easy when you have a great team behind you that is rooting for you as much as you are rooting for yourself. Since July, I have lost 3-4” from my waist. I can feel that my body has physically changed and I can see it too. I am a healthier, stronger me! And I have my family at Studio Flo Pilates to thank for that.

By Tiffany S. 

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