Mat Classes

Mat 101

An introduction to the Pilates principles, and the 34 classical mat exercises created by Joseph Pilates. Develop breath and fluidity of movement while advancing core strength and flexibility.

Foam Roller Mat Class

This class includes lots of deep tissue rolling, Myofascial Release Techniques, and variety of core challenges. By performing Self-Myofascial Release techniques on a simple foam roller, you can improve flexibility, function, performance, reduce injuries by massaging muscles, improving circulation and training intrinsic muscle groups.

FLOwing Spine

The spine corrector or small barrel is used to stretch, strengthen, and realign muscles which allow for tall, upright posture. The purposeful shape of the spine corrector counters gravity to support the body through all ranges of motion. You will incorporate breath with control and precision to functionally retrain the core and spinal muscles into correct alignment while opening the chest and hips, relieving tension in the neck and shoulders, and stretching out the back leaving you taller and stronger.

Reformer/Tower Classes

Reformer/Tower 101

Designed for beginners as well as those working to maintain their skills. These classes are an introduction to improve core strength and stability, heighten body awareness, and develop lean and toned muscles. This repertoire emphasizes building the foundation until you feel confident to enter the next level.

Intermediate Reformer/Tower

A class offering new challenges to students who have experienced the fundamental exercises and have a sound understanding of the principles of Pilates. A series of exercises designed by Joseph Pilates to lengthen and strengthen your body through a flow of vigorous moves and breath, leaving you feeling balanced and walking away with improved posture.

Advanced Reformer/Tower

A faster paced class meant for clients looking to refine their skills and take their practice to the next level. This class will test your endurance, stability, and stamina while diving into the advanced repertoire created by Joseph Pilates

Barre Classes

Flo Barre

This high intensity workout is a fusion of Pilates, dance, and yoga principles. During class the ballet barre, free weights, and mat work are utilized to challenge your entire body. Come experience how to refine your technique, sculpt your core and glutes and develop cardio endurance.

Adult Ballet

Experience all the best this beautiful art form has to offer including flexibility, strengthening, sculpting, stretching, balance and grace. This class is designed for adult students who either have no formal Ballet training or who have studied Ballet in the past and wish to resume training. Emphasis in class will be on correct placement, body alignment, toning and stretching while including ballet barre, floor stretches, Pilates Mat work with simple movement and breath work in a relaxed an encouraging environment.